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Travis Holt is a Kansas City-native singer and actor with a BFA in Musical Theatre. From a young age, Travis developed a love for performance and would jump at any opportunity to flex his talents, whether through talent shows or by participating in community or high school productions.


Travis' love for the arts soon took him to Missouri State University, where he was able to hone and develop his skills under the guidance of MSU's best and finest. Through Missouri State's prestigious Acting and Musical Theatre Program, Travis was fortunate to showcase in New York City and in Los Angeles, where he performed for and participated in workshops with current industry professionals. 

Travis has garnered work as an artist in various fields including stage, film, and even theme park work. He has also worked in all parts of the country, including Bloomfield, IN; Springfield, MO; and even his home city of Kansas City, MO.

Outside of performing, Travis enjoys spending his free time being outdoors, bicycling, collecting vinyl records, attending live performances, and spending time with his family, friends, and loved ones.




​Tel: 816-518-7884

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